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Resources and guidance to optimize your website
Do you have a website that you want to work harder for you? You came to the right place. There's lots of help to be found here. Our Interactive Improvements blog is a great place to start. It's chock full of observations and tips that you can implement today.

If you want personal, professional guidance to fully maximize the potential of your website, we're available for increasing conversions (leads, sales, sign ups), search engine and email marketing, and new site development.

rain•mak•er n. One who is known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field.
in•ter•ac•tive adj. Of or relating to a program which responds to user activity, such as a website.

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Interactive Improvements-The Blog
Think of it as the "readme.txt" or the "open first" of improving your website. We invite you to read it and then look at your site. We'll bet that there's a thing or two that could increase the performance of your website today - maybe dramatically!

Traffic Conversion Optimization
One size fits all... right? NOT! You don’t serve each of your customers exactly the same way. You tailor how you speak, tailor the explanations that you use, the speed at which you speak, etc. for that person's personality, needs, background, and goals... right? Does your website do that? Learn more about how identifying your website visitor's personas can dramatically increase conversions.

Search Engine Optimization
Wanna be number one? YEAH! Who doesn’t? And that applies to search engine rankings too! The first three links in a search results page get about 60% of the clicks with the #1 link having a highly disproportionate 45%. There's over a half-million searches done each day. Achieve top rankings with our proven methodology and guidance.

Affiliate Program Growth
Have an affiliate program but nothing's happening? Need one set up that'll attract and retain the best affiliates? My combined expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Sales Optimization, and Affiliate Management backed by a performance-based compensation schedule makes me a unique manager for your program.

PPC Search Marketing
Need results - fast?  Pay Per Click advertising is the way to go; but it's not something you can just set and forget. Learn how we can optimize and manage your campaigns or provide you with training to maximize the return on your PPC spend.

Email Marketing Optimization
Email is still the biggest bargain in the marketing world. But there are minefields to avoid like CAN-SPAM, strong state laws, aggressive ISPs and assertive prospects/customers. Done right, targeted, timed, privacy respected and relevant, it’s like printing money. Learn how we can help you do email marketing right.

New Website Creation
You're ready to jump in! Maybe you're just ready to "finally do it right". We can help you lay the foundation on which to build excellent conversions, top rankings and a website that can do more than you thought possible. We know this path well. Let us show you the way to build a successful website.