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Sales and Leads Optimization:
Convert More Visitors Into Customers

You talking to me? Are you talking to me?  If not, I'm going somewhere else to buy/get my information. I'm not much different from your other website visitors. I came to your site to look for something. I'm a unique person, not a statistic. Please treat me that way.

Imagine if you greeted and spoke to every one of your in-person customers the same way without regard to their personality and they could leave your store with a blink of an eye. How well do you think your sales would do? Take a look at your website. Whom are you speaking to? Different individuals or, more likely, just one. Now, is it any surprise that probably 90% of your traffic is leaving your website (in a blink of an eye) without doing business with you?

When the copy on your website was completed, did you think "This'll work for everyone who comes to our site"  Hmmm..."one size fits all?" Ever try something on that is one size fits all? Sometimes it fits, but most of the time it doesn't. That's your website. Sometimes it works for your visitors; most of the time it doesn't.

You have several different kinds of customers. Each has his or her own personality. Different needs. Different ways to interact with your site, taking different paths to get to the same point -- buying your product or service.

Have you accommodated all their personalities, or have you set up road blocks, confusing checkout procedures and dead ends that are siphoning away valuable sales? It's sooooo easy to click away and go to another site.

Hopefully, your site makes sense to you, but try this... put yourself in your customer's shoes (or better yet, if you can, watch them use your site). Is it taking too many clicks to get the job done? Are they confused? Do they get stuck? As you can see, the one page-fits-all concept really only works for one personality. You're missing a lot more people!

The first thing to do is identify who your regular customers are. What are their personalities? Are they methodical, humanistic, competitive, or maybe spontaneous? Where are they in the buying cycle. What are their goals? Their needs? With this information, create a persona - a character that represents one of the types of your customers - for every type of customer you have. You'll probably arrive at about 4-6 personas.

Now, put yourself in each of those persona's shoes, and write your copy, adjust your navigation to help them get the information they came for, the way that is natural for them - as if the site was made just for them. You'll be speaking to THEM - almost personally -- because you've taken the time to get to know them.

Once you get your personas identified everything else falls into place. The text on the site, your PPC ads, your email campaigns. It will make your site a pleasure to use. The information they need will be right there where they expect it, as if you were expecting them to arrive. Sales will go up. Customer service calls will go down. Life will be good.

Identifying personas is the foundation for everything you do. Just think about it. That's what you do "in real life", right? Why not your website? Drop us an email and we can talk about it during a free consultation.