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PPC - Pay Per Click Management and Optimization

If you're not getting top rankings right now, you can always buy your way in. I'm not talking about those "get top rankings quickly" emails that undoubtedly fill your inbox. I'm talking about PPC (Pay Per Click). PPC are those ads at the top and sides of search results. They also appear on websites next to relevant information. Generally those positions are sold to the highest bidder. When someone CLICKS on and ad, the advertiser pays the search engine anywhere from five cents to upwards of ten dollars (and sometimes even more) for that click. PPC has many uses. Let's review a few now:

Instant top rankings.
Good if you have a new website or are working on your natural search optimization.

It's measurable.
Lots o' stats! Impressions, clicks, page views, sales... the whole process is wonderfully trackable and measurable.

Find out what really sells.
You can find out very quickly what phrases convert and what don't. Learn what keywords and phrases customers are using. For example, someone searching "cameras" and someone searching "canon powershot, 12601" are in two completely different points in the buying cycle. The "cameras" search is in the early, research stage, while the searcher for "canon powershot, 12601" is about ready to buy. Which keywords would you want to buy? Both serve a purpose.

Test Ads.
The words of your ads can make a huge difference. It all boils down to your website's personas and where they are in the buying cycle. For example, shuffling a couple of words around on one Google ad from "Cupid.com - Official Site" to "Official Cupid.com Site" increased clicks, and sales, 12.8%.

Test landing pages.
It's essential that the page a person lands on be relevant to the ad they clicked on. If they were searching "digital camera reviews" don't take them to your home page, take them to your reviews page. The cool thing you can do with PPC is test different versions of that page, see what converts the best, then apply those changes to your regular site page for that product.

Leverage the knowledge gained from PPC.
PPC campaigns are great research lab. You learn what design, words, etc work with PPC and then you can apply that information across your whole site and work it into your natural search optimization plan.

Due to the typically highly competitive auction environment, PPC campaigns need regular care and nurturing. If you take your eye off the ball for too long your bids could run up a big bill or lose rankings quickly.

Under the right conditions PPC can be very profitable. I know companies that spend well over $100,000 every month on PPC and turn a profit on that. Often, they'd be happy to spend more, but they are buying all the relevant traffic there is. A nice problem to have ;-)

Are you ready to start using PPC? Maybe you are already using PPC and need a dedicated manager? Drop us an email. Let's get clicking.