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Get More Out of Your Website and Emarketing
Is your website letting 90% of your visitors walk out the door (click away to another place) without doing business with you? We offer the tools needed to make your website work harder than ever.

Interactive Improvements-The Blog
Every service below is talked about in much greater depth in our blog. Examples, how to's, how not's, things to definitely do and things to steer clear of. Dozens of tips you can implement today and increase the performance of your website. We invite you to read it regularly, or even better, subscribe to get the latest article delivered via RSS, ATOM or your email.

Get More Sales From Your Affiliates
Being a successful affiliate and affiliate manager, I know what it takes to grow a program. Want your affiliates to sell more of your product? Learn how I can share my knowledge of sales optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Point Per Click management with your affiliates for more sales.

Traffic Conversion Optimization
One size fits all... right? NOT!  You don’t serve each of your customers exactly the same way. You tailor how you speak, tailor the explanations that you use, the speed at which you speak, etc. for that person's personality, needs, background, and goals... right? Does your website do that? Learn more about how identifying your website visitor's personas can dramatically increase conversions.

Search Engine Marketing
SEM is the new frontier of marketing. Ride with us as we blaze a trail for your website to newfound riches via optimized ROI Pay Per Click Marketing Management and high natural rankings with Search Engine Optimization.

Email Marketing Optimization
Email is still the biggest bargain in the marketing world. But there are minefields to avoid like CAN-SPAM, strong state laws, aggressive ISPs and assertive prospects/customers. Done right, targeted, timed, privacy respected and relevant, it’s like printing money. Learn how we can help you do email marketing right.

New Website Creation
You're ready to jump in! Maybe you're just ready to "finally do it right". We can help you lay the foundation on which to build excellent conversions, top rankings and a website that can do more than you thought possible. We know this path well. Let us show you the way to create a successful website.

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